Faculty Profiles

Padraig Cullen, EXT. 20219

About Me

I completed my Bachelors of Business Adminstration with Honours at Laurentian University.  This is my twelve year as a teacher and I spent all of them here at LP!  This year, I am teaching Gr. 11 Marketing (BMI 3C) and Gr. 12 Sports and Entertainment Marketing (IDC4U).  I serve as the staff advisor to the Entrepreneurship Club, which creates and sells a holiday gift basket each year with proceeds going to charity and the LP Film Club.

Derryl Fain, EXT. 20219

About Me

My post secondary degrees include a Bachelor of Arts, Masters of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Education.  This current school year, I am teaching Gr. 9 Introduction to Information and Communications Technology and Cooperative Education.  This is my forth year teaching at LP.  My extracurricular involvement includes DECA, Debate Club, Italy Trip, and the Giving Back Alliance.

Brian Goldkind, EXT. 20219

About Me

My name is Brian Goldkind and I studied politics and law at York University where I earned an LL.B. from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1993. I have been teaching in the TDSB since 2001. This is my second year at LPCI. This year I am teaching Grade 10 Business and Grade 11 Accounting. I am one of several teacher advisors to both the DECA Team and the Career Hub Club here at the school. I also coach the girls' softball team. A fun fact about myself is I was broke the same finger twice within the span of six months.

Kevin Lau (ACL), EXT. 20219

MA Arts, MS Ed., B. Commerce Hon.

About Me

Aloha!  I've been teaching Business Studies at LP since around 2015 and it has been a great experience thus far!  This school is such a vibrant learning community and I am happy to be a part of it.

This current school year, I am teaching Gr. 12 Business Leadership and Gr. 10 Introduction to Business.  In addition, I currently serve as the Staff Advisor to the LP Business Council and LP Finance and Investment Association.  I am also the webmaster of our department website, so if you find anything that needs improving, please let me know!

When I'm not teaching or engaged in extracurricular activities, I enjoy pursuing academic research in the areas of Finance, Economics (particularly in Econometrics), and Mathematics.  I enjoy spending my free time at home with my wife, Natasha, and my two boys, Bob and Blue (who are German Shepherds).  Fun Fact About Myself: I am an avid vintage video game collector and player, though I sometimes play modern games as well.  My favourite game of all - time remains Earthbound created by the legendary Shigesato Itoi.

Scott Manuel, EXT. 20219

About Me

Information not yet provided.

Snezana Radan, EXT. 20219

About Me

I studied at York University and obtained a Honours Bachelors of Arts in Economics and obtained a Bachelors of Education at Western University.  This is currently my forth year at Lawrence Park CI!  This year, I am teaching Gr. 11 Marketing, Gr. 10 Introduction to Business, and Gr. 9 Introduction to Information and Communications Technology.  In terms of extracurriculars, I am involved with Gr. 10 Mathletes and help out with Student Council.  An area of research I am currently engaged in is math application in business.